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Friday, 7 June 2013

"The Plan"

The plan after yesterday's meeting:


He needs to attend his structured recovery program:

I will receive support through the Family Support service.

If my son engages and attends regularly the Structured Recovery Program then we can start Family Counselling.

A service for families suffering substance abuse, generally the parents misusing drugs but in this case its the other way around, has also been offered to us:

Younger siblings to be monitored and the younger one to receive "wishes and feelings" sessions at school from a social worker; other sibling to continue with her own counselling.

For my son to be offered Youth Services intense 1:1 sessions.

Educate my son as to what a residential rehabilitation is really like, dispelling his fears and perhaps opening him to the possibility of going into rehab.

Look into "Supported Accommodation" for my son if he does not engage. Helping to get him out of the family home yet offer him housing.

To have another Social Services meeting in 6 weeks, with more than likely different social workers because by then it will have passed onto the next team who are involved with longer term assistance!

The meeting was 90 minutes talking predominately about my son and it just goes around and around. "This is what we can offer. This is what he needs to do. We can offer help to the family, but the son must first engage. He is not engaging. So then what do we do? Nothing, he is 18". And around and around it goes in circles.

My head is still spinning and aching.