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Friday, 21 June 2013

Everything ...Online

Well, it is Friday. No appointments today. No phone calls...yet (I never know when social services might ring). It is the weekend starting. We should be happy and have plans or just comfortable hanging out at home. Not the case for us unfortunately. The weekend often brings with it a sense of dread. Will my son be asleep all through the days or will he be awake and making my daughters weary because they are not comfortable in his presence and they worry about potential arguments. Instead of planning my weekend, I am thinking about drugs.....

The more I think about how my son has been supporting his drug habit over the years via the internet really disturbs me. Generally I think the internet is a wonderful thing and of course I would not have the opportunity to write this blog or gather information if there was no internet.

Reading this article from a couple of years ago, I see that buying opium poppy pods are available on line in the States as well. As I have shared before, it is opium found in the dried pods and not the seeds that creates the intoxicating drink. A fear of mine has always been that too much opium will result in respiratory failure in my son as in the boy in the article, but as one of the comments says, he is an experienced user and always measures out the dose and gauges the affect. That is not to say that even the most experienced opium tea drinker is not at risk of a possible overdose.

Of course, if it isn't the opium poppy pods my son was buying over the internet, it would have been and still is prescription drugs. That is just outrageous that you can acquire these on line either through some quote unquote pharmacological websites, or even worse privately being sold via emails. I remember once my son getting large white tablets wrapped in newspaper and cotton wool from India. These were not in blister packs or boxes, no indication of what it was you were actually getting. I disposed of many of those, but I am sure some got passed me.

Powders, smoking chemicals, cannabis, the lot...all purchased over the internet or email and then delivered to your door by the postman! CRAZY. And all under my blind are we at times?