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Friday, 5 July 2013

Rehab Calling

Interesting turn of events events today. My son actually made it to his appointment at the drug clinic today and we were both expecting the usual appointment and for him to walk out with another prescription for Methadone.

I did not go with him, he is an adult and I was not asked to attend the appointment. While escaping reality my way, by submerging myself in grocery shopping, feeling if there was at least one slightly ripe avocado, my phone rings and I get a txt as well.....hmmm I only dropped my son off half an hour ago, I wonder what is going on.

I try ringing my son, no answer so I assume he is in the middle of his appointment. Then I listen to my voice mail because I could not get to my phone quick enough to answer it when it rang...too busy with the avocados! It was my son's Key Worker and wanted to speak to me.

Basically the outcome of the appointment today is that they will no longer offer him Community care, no more prescription for Methadone or any other substitute medicine. They have made a referral for NHS Residential Rehab and the application was successful and he would obtain funding to go to an NHS Rehab Centre.

The people at Open Road would like to see him next week to discuss the rehab as well as try once again to offer him support in the Structured Recovery Program as well as the Integrated Recovery Management System. He said he was not interested in that.

He was angry because he was faced with the reality that he will have no Methadone, he will have no immediate relief from his Opium Poppies and he has no money. He was angry and asked if he could leave the appointment.

The call was to inform me of what the outcome was, as well as to give me the thumbs up that my son will be coming home potentially very angry and for me to consider what I need to do in order to ensure the safety of my daughters and myself.

To rub salt into my son's wounds, as he perceives it, the social worker is coming out in an hour to tell him he has basically shot himself in the foot! Fantastic! Fun, Fantastic Friday for us! Woo-who!