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Thursday, 30 May 2013


The nonsense with social services continues. How do these people manage to hold their jobs and even more importantly, how do they manage to ever help people? I thought that was their help?

Apparently, there is going to be a "professionals" meeting taking place. Many different people, some of who have not been involved with us at all, are going to discuss what is the best for us as a family. By way of chance I have found out about this meeting which is taking place a week from today. There have been more professionals I have come into contact with since I heard about this meeting, some say I am suppose to be there as well. One actually came to visit my daughter at her High School and my daughter was told that I am going to be at said meeting. Has anyone from Social Services called me to inform me? NO. Has any letter been mailed out to me about said meeting and asking me to attend? NO. Well, this is utterly absurd and unprofessional. I am very, very unimpressed. I am so very, very frustrated!

People from the primary school (who are not involved and knew nothing about my son's drug problems because it was not affecting my youngest child's behaviour or school performance) will be there and I personally do not think they are a necessary element. People from the high school, the drug clinic, the support worker who has sessions with my middle child, the social worker, the student social worker who has only meet with us once and had one session with my daughters individually.....all these people involved and discussing what can be offered to us as a family as support.

I am a mother who has been there for her children. Listened openly, supportively and usually non judgementally to her children and their worries and fears and problems. I am the one who has seeked out professional help. I am the one worrying as well as trying to love and protect them and help them. I am the one, who as a good mother did not choose to merely kick my son out on his ass the minute the problems became too much. I instead offered my help and support. So now when I am saying, my son needs more help than I can give, and none of my children have displayed behaviour suggesting that they are being neglected or unloved ,now the professionals are meeting to discuss my children, my parenting skills, my family life...all without informing me?!

What about the father? What about the drugs? What about when I asked for help to put my son in hospital? What about the real issues here, will they be addressed or will this meeting simply be a lot of useless rhetoric? Will the meeting be all about what I as a mother, should be doing, yet these "professionals" who have organised the meeting could not even be bothered to inform me about this meeting? Of course I could be wrong and maybe this meeting will be an important tool to getting the help my son needs, but can you blame me for being slightly pessimistic and cynical?