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Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I am learning a whole knew vocabulary: Subutex, Suboxone, precipitated withdrawals...But I wonder why do I need to learn these words??? What about my son learning good old fashioned words like, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, COMMITMENT, ACCEPTANCE?

Also, why is it that if I would want to get a family member sectioned one of the key points is that they are "in danger of harming themselves or others", yet substance/alcohol abuse does not fit into the category of "seriously harming themselves" because drugs and alcohol are exempt from this apparently because it is a voluntary CHOICE!!!

Maybe society is becoming so "politically correct" that we no longer have the right to take action when what we need to do is just that, TAKE ACTION. Why is it that I am being advised to call the police to remove my son and make him homeless rather than calling a rehab clinic and having them come and take him to their facility? Wouldn't forced recovery be more humane and productive than forced homelessness and in so doing, give the person into situations that would inevitably promote MORE drug and alcohol use? Yes, I know that the person addicted needs to want the help and needs to want to change themselves and it often leads to relapses when they are forced into it...but surely that has to be the preferred option than the police coming to the family home and making you homeless? Seems that the system is wrong.