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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Summer's End

Summer is over. Autumn is in the air. Kids are back in school in a few days. Hard to believe.

Did we even have a summer holiday? Well we had six weeks with no school, no routine, no schedule, no plans. Our summer was mostly court date, counselling sessions for my daughter, support sessions for me, police, trying to get my son to appointments, mentor interview, social worker, letters, phone calls etc.

Has anything been resolved? Has anything changed? No. It seems to have gone by in a haze. I feel it could continue like this indefinitely.

On the bright side court was successful. My friends and family have been very supportive and kind. We have had a few nice surprises that helped feed us with lovely food and keep us entertained as well! Tara has been fortunate to spend a few occasions with her friends and we have shared some fun times together. Tabitha has read like a true book worm eating her way through about 20 books, and loved every one! We have also been very fortunate in this country not known for it's good weather, to have had quite a bit of warm sunshine which allowed us to enjoy the garden and even get a bit of colour! Also we have had a rest of the rushing about of school life.

I have also taken a step to embark on a new venture in my life which transpired over the summer, the mentoring of someone affected by drug/alcohol abuse. Tomorrow my training begins. Tues and Wed are the 1st days back at school for my daughters. New things are beginning.

I do not know if my son will be fortunate enough to start any new beginnings or have any moments of realisation with the changing of the season, but I hope the autumn wind will help push him in the right direction!