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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Looking For Help

An update and blog entry is long overdue and I hope to get one out early next week! In the meantime I wanted to ask all my readers a favour! As those readers who have read many of my posts, you are familiar with our struggle to receive adequate mental health care. My son has been in the mental ward as an in patient three times, each time he was in there for several weeks. Each time very little is done besides stabilizing his condition, looking at medication and giving him a safe environment. There is no therapy, there has been no therapy outside in the community as his mental health appointments are roughly one in 3-4 months. Each appointment is to see how he is taking his medication and if any medication needs to be changed or stopped. I have asked time and time again for my son to be put on the waiting list for talking therapies, basically one to one sessions with a psychiatrist or psychologist. The waiting list is 2 years and that is if he meets the criteria. So far he is not on the waiting list. My son has voiced to me before that he would seek out a private psychiatrist if he could afford it.

Also his drug worker went on maternity leave about 6 months ago and the worker covering for her has only seen my son 3 times.

I am tenacious! I do not give up! I am depressed and have a shitty life but that does not mean I am going to give up, especially on my children! So therefore I have started a Go Fund Me campaign to see if we can raise enough money to get the private care that we can not afford to do on our own. I would be very grateful if any of my readers could share the link on their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages. I am looking to get support as well as raise awareness that our system just is not working despite all the political talk of improving the mental health services in the UK.

Here is the link and I hope I can see some support and I will be writing a "proper" blog entry in the next week or so!